DeNoble Farms

Sustainable Farm Fresh Produce locally Grown in Tillamook, Oregon


About Our Farm 

Farming Practices

DeNoble Farms is a sustainable family  farm located on the Oregon Coast in Tillamook.   Sustainable farming means that we use natural growing practices, such as applying natural compost & fertilizers, doing crop rotations, using benefial insects, and only using organic sprays when needed.  Quality produce for a healthy life that's both delicious & nutritious!

Products We Grow

Artichokes- Green Globe & Purple Italian (May-November)

Basil- 3 varieties (June-August)

Beans- Fresh Pole & Italian Romano (July-September)

Beets- Red, Gold, Chioga (January-December)

Braising Mix- 1 variety (March-April)

Broccoli- 1 variety (January-December)

Broccoli Raab- 1 variety (March-May

Brussels Sprouts- 1 variety (January-March, August-December)

Cabbage- 3 varieties (June-Novermber)

Cabbage- Savoy (July-October)

Carrots- Orange & 6 Heirloom varieties (January-December)

Cauliflower-White, Orange, Purple, Green (March-December)

Celery- 1 variety (September-February)

Celery Root- 1 variety (October-January)

Chilies- 2 varieties (August-Novermber)

Cilantro- 1 variety (April-June)

Collards- 1 variety (January-April, September-December) 

Cucumbers- 2 varieties (July-October)

Daikon Radish- 1 variety (March-May)

Fava Beans- 1 variety (April-July)

Fennel- 1 variety (January-December)

Green Beans-1 variety (July-September)

Green Beans- French Haricots Verts (June-August)

Hot Peppers- Jalepenos, Serranos, Cherry Bombs (July-October)

Kale- 5 varieties (January-June)

Kohlrabi- 2 varieties (May-November)

Leeks- 1 variety (July-December)

Letture-Leaf- Butterheard, Romaine, Red Romaine (March-June)

Onions- Walla Wallas, Sweet Yellow, Red (January-February, August-December)

Parsely- 1 variety (January-June, Novermber-December)

Parsnips- 2 varieties (January-April, September-December)

Peas-English (June-August)

Peas- Sugar Snap (April-September)

Peppers- Bells & Anaheims ( July-September)

Potatoes- Yukon Gold & German Butterball (January-April, August-December)

Potatoes- Red Russet (January-February, August-December)

Radishes- 3 varieties (January-June, November-December)

Romanesco-1 variety (April-November)

Salad Greens- 1 variety (March-April)

Spinach- 1 variety (January-December)

Spring Raabs- 3 varieties (February-April)

Squash-2 Summer Varieties (June-October)

Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes) 1 variety (January-April, November-December)

Sweet Potatoes- 1 variety (September-December)

Swiss Chard- 1 variety (January-February, October-December)

Tomatillos- 1 variety (August-October)

Tomatoes- Big Beef, Early Girls, Sweetheart, Sungolds, Indigo Rose (July-November)

Tomatoes-Heirloom- Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra (August-October)

Turnips-Japanese (March-November) 

Zucchini-1 variety (June-September) 


Grilled Artichoke Recipe

1. Cut artichokes in half lengthwise. Scoop out the fuzzy choke located above the heart.

2. Fully submerge the artichokes in a pot of boiling water. Season water with salt and minced garlic. Boil artichokes in a rolling boil for 7-15 minutes depending upon the size. (The artichokes should be tender and nearly finished cooking.... just finish on the grill for flavor.)

3. Baste artichokes with a mix of olive oil, pesto, salt and pepper. Place artichokes on the grill,  starting with the cut-side up, 2-4 minutes on each side. 

Enjoy warm or cold!